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換油/水箱水 | Oil /Fluid Change

Oils/Fluids are the lifeblood for a vehicle. When it comes to routine maintenance, changing your oil is a relatively inexpensive service. Despite its relatively low cost, oil plays a vital role in your engine, hydraulics, and powertrain. Attention here can help prevent you from much larger costs down the road.

It is important understand which oils are right for application. There are many viscosities, weights, and standards, so many even experts get confused. Failing to adhere to compatible oil specifications would lead to premature component wear and costs. 
We stock Shell and Speed Master fluids but have full access to all brands so if you prefer other brands, please contact us in advance and we will make arrangements accordingly.  
Automatic Transmission
Manual Transmission
Transfer Case
Front/Rear Differential
Power Steering Fluid