Our Team | 我們的團隊

Our Lead Engineer; Sifu Hung has decades of experience in classic car restoration. Background research and spec data acquisition for each model/project are managed by bilingual team members. Specialist Workshop & Facilities allow the team to carry out key restoration werks in house, in order to control quality and avoid dreaded delays. Sourcing hard to find parts overseas is not an issue for us. No longer available parts? No problem, we can fabricate right here - Made in Hong Kong!
Back to original spec or restomod; Whatever your prefered flavor, Driven Motorwerks is here to help you understand project scope and to make informed decisions. Restoration work is a major undertaking but we help ensure the build process itself to be a meaningful and joyful part of your experience.
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我們的領隊 洪師傅 有 十多年古董車維修經驗 加上專業 的研究團隊 拿捏數據 我專業嘅工場設備 令我們可以 做到任何汽車維修工序 為了減少延誤 我們的團隊 會迅速從海外尋找全新零件 如果零件已經停產 我們 有足夠工具 和經驗 可以為你度身訂做全身 的 手做零件 在香港 現場為你 製造
無論你想要原裝或星級保險 我們都可以為你迅速 決策和 打造 迎合你的方案 古董車翻新需要很長時間 但我們會盡力為你做到 令 他變成 你 享受 的 過程
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